Nothing beats face to face

2020 made us lazy(ier). Videocall meetings from our living rooms, replying to emails in bed, and reading documents in the kitchen over breakfast. There's probably a 50/50 chance you're reading this right now in your pajamas. I am reminded of an important quote: "The...

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Sales Reps: Nature vs Nurture

Hiring the best sales reps is a manager's most sought after dream. Having been on both sides of the table, it's very challenging to say the least. Matching and weighing up skills, experience, knowledge, character, team compatibility, etc. But one of the key questions...

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My unanswered question about Jobs and AI

The question was simple: "What is the mitigation plan for the increase in global population and the decrease in the number of jobs caused by AI?" 6 years ago I was at a panel event in Alserkal avenue in Dubai called ‘Future of jobs – Automation, Artificial...

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I’m not happy at work: Should I stay or should I go?

The inspiration for today's article is brought to you by The Clash. 🙂 You're unhappy at work. You're not getting paid enough. You're missing out on family time. Your boss is... Bothersome and encumbering. Issues people face all the time, but with no real grip...

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Physiological Evolution and Tech: Are we there yet?

I generally do not like to provide answers in my articles, and rather just instigate thought. However, I feel confident here saying: "No. No, our human biological capabilities have not evolved to the extent of comfortably adapting to today's technological elements."...

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AI Content vs. Personal Content

With #ChatGPT being the generous content creator that it is, among other things, many people have adopted it as their default source for content published under their name. And why won’t they? It’s sometimes even more skilled than we are. So is this it? Shall we lay...

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