With #ChatGPT being the generous content creator that it is, among other things, many people have adopted it as their default source for content published under their name. And why won’t they? It’s sometimes even more skilled than we are.
So is this it? Shall we lay down our arms at AI-Ceasar’s feet, or is there a difference between both types of content?
Let’s break this down.


Historic Shortcomings of AI

Although scientists and engineers are working hard at perfecting #AI and getting it as close to humans as, well, humanly possible, there are a few points that AI will never 100% nail down.

  1. Creativity: Yes, many AI bots are able to create breathtaking and very creative images from mere text inputs by users. But they had to learn from somewhere; there was a base. AI could have never invented cubism or surrealism from scratch, true creativity.
  2. Ethics: Morality and ethics are exclusive human traits and characteristics, and despite best efforts, continue and will continue to be.
  3. Emotions: Try as we may, emotions are so complex and deeply rooted in human psychology, that AI would not be able to fully understand them and replicate them. Even we don’t understand them!

The Power of AI

On the flipside, AI brings forth many tasty and exotic fruits for us to nibble on.

  1. Speed: The quantitative advantage is staggering. AI is able to spew out tons of content of different types and formats in a fraction of fraction of the time it takes humans to do so. And that’s before factoring in quantum computing.
  2. Error-Free: No human error in AI. No typos, no mistakes in grammar or vocabulary, no wrong references. It’s automatically solid.
  3. Intelligence: Well, it’s in the name. IQ technically is calculated in terms of a) the time it takes to b) make logical connections. As such, AI can run “chipstorming” (I’m coining that) sessions on its own, and come up with analysis, ideas, and structures that would otherwise have been impossible or extremely difficult to arrive to.


In conclusion, whether to type away or outsource to your friendly neighborhood AI, each approach has different pros and cons and it really depends on the objective and audience.
Most importantly, stay true to yourself and be happy with your work!