2020 made us lazy(ier). Videocall meetings from our living rooms, replying to emails in bed, and reading documents in the kitchen over breakfast. There’s probably a 50/50 chance you’re reading this right now in your pajamas.

I am reminded of an important quote:

“The comfort zone is where dreams go to die”

So you may want to get up, get dressed and get in the car. But let’s look at both options.


Let’s get physical

In-person meetings, especially for sales, have always been a cornerstone of doing business, and for good reason.

  1. Body language: Representing 55% of communication between people, body language is critical in conveying a message, whether intentionally or not. You’ll be able to bring forth your idea with more intensity, and read the hidden messages in the other person’s behavioral cues.
  2. Seeing is believing: People trust a person more than a screen. Shaking hands, having coffee, and sharing a meal, will always have a much more massive impact on credibility and relationship building than looking at pixels.
  3. Commitment: Jumping on a call is super easy, but meeting somewhere in person means that you have to plan ahead, dress up, pack your laptop, calculate traffic, find a parking, reach the venue, and grab a seat. All of these actions show commitment to the discussion/conversation from all parties, and shows that they’re putting their effort where their mouth is, making the purpose of the meeting more serious, genuine and credible.


Go away, don’t come ’round here no more

On the other hand; meh! Is it worth the bother and is it always the best option?

  1. Productivity: Following the point above, an in-person meeting requires a lot of logistics and time. When having online calls, you can literally put them all back to back with no worries, and thus being as effective as possible.
  2. The Tech: Videoconferencing several people in from literally anywhere, showing a presentation that everyone can see clearly, recording the meeting for future reference, transcription bots issuing a meeting transcript, having a whiteboard, and many others. In real life we’re stuck with, well, physical limitations.
  3. Cost Effective: I’m willing to bet that the most expensive videocall subscription is still more economical than the most affordable physical meeting. Couple that with the above productivity point and you have an amazing formula for increased success.


All in all, it’s up to you to pick your weapon of choice, based on your circumstances.

And as always, stay true to yourself and be happy with your work!